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Glenn Marais

October 2017

Our October guest is Glenn Marais from Newmarket, Ontario. In this episode we discuss the release of two albums simultaneously, how he discovered Blues as "the story of life", and the story behind his guitar "Stevie". Songs performed include "Hurricane" and "That's Where My Mojo's At".

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Jay Pollmann

September 2017

Our September guest is Jay Pollmann from Jarvis, Ontario.  In this episode, we discuss the process making Jay’s solo album “Head in the Clouds”, leaving a band to become a solo artist, and his musical beginnings.  Tune in and enjoy two rocking songs: "Steerin with my Knees" and "Loose Lips Sinks Ships".

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Digging Roots

June 2017

Our June guest is Digging Roots from Barrie, Ontario.  In this special episode we discuss the First Nations concept of song lines, music as a universal language, truth and reconciliation in Canada, and the story behind their Cobalt Prize winning song “Hwy 17”.  Tune in and enjoy two high energy song performances: "All Night" and "Hwy 17".

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Gary Cain Band

May 2017

Our May guest is the Gary Cain Band.  In 2016 Gary was named one of the best unsigned Blues Rock guitarists in the world.  In this episode, we learn the story behind the release of Gary’s first album “Twangadelic Bluesophunk”, his musical journeys around the world, and he shows us his gear.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy the songs performed:  "Thought I Heard You Say" and "Twang Strut".


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Mark Crissinger

April 2017

Our April guest is Vancouver Island artist Mark Crissinger.  In this episode, we learn about Mark’s rock band background, moving from Quebec to BC, and he discusses his current album “Night Light”.  Songs performed are "Shake a Leg" and "Holding My Heart".

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HarpDog Brown

March 2017

Our March guest is Harpdog Brown and the Travelin’ Blues Show.  In this episode Harpdog provides an entertaining and frank interview covering a range of topics from the story behind his name to his scotch preferences.  Songs performed are "Home is where the Harp Is" and "Sacrifice".

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Angel Forrest

February 2017

Our February guest is multi-Maple Blues Award winning artist Angel Forrest.   In this show Angel discusses the story behind her latest album “Angel’s 11”, her view on the unique sound of Quebec Blues, and what she is working on next.  Songs performed are “All The Way” and “Hold On Tight”. 

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sean Pinchin

January 2017

Our January guest is Toronto native Sean Pinchin.   In this intimate interview Sean discusses his struggles with mental illness, how it influenced his latest album “Monkey Brain”, and the importance of music in his life.  Songs performed are “Goin’ Hobo” and “Monsters”. 

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Paul Reddick

December 2016

Our December guest is the living legend Paul Reddick.  Paul talks about the feeling he got before he released his latest album “Ride the One”, why he started the songwriting Cobalt Prize, and how he started playing harmonica. Songs performed are “Shadows” and “Mourning Dove”. 

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Michael Schatte

November 2016


Our November guest is Michael Schatte from Chatham, Ontario.  In this show Michael talks about the story behind the name of this most recent album “Turn Back the Vikings”, the influence of Richard Thompson on his music, and we have a show and tell with his Fender Telecaster and Gretsch 6120.  Songs performed are “The Upper Hand” and “Pistol on Her Pillow”.

Samantha Martin

October 2016

Our October guest is Soul and Blues artist Samantha Martin. In this show Samantha talks about the inspiration behind her latest album "Send the Nightingale", the touring life of a Blues artist, and social media. Songs performed are "When You Walk Away" and "Don't Shoot".


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Jack de Keyzer

September 2016

Our September guest is Canadian Juno award winning Blues artist Jack de Keyzer.  In this show Jack tells the story of the film that got him hooked on the Blues, being a Producer for other artists, and his upcoming new album.  Songs performed are “If You Were my Woman” and “It’s In The Way You Love”.

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Steve strongman

August 2016

Our August guest is Canadian Juno award winning Blues artist Steve Strongman.  In this show Steve tells us about his new up-coming album, playing for Canadian troops in the arctic and his Gibson guitar.  Songs performed are “Haven’t Seen It Yet” and “Can’t Go Back”. 

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July 2016

Our July guest is Blues and Soul band Soulstack from Kitchener-Waterloo.  In this show they discuss their new acoustic album being released in August 2016, Jonathan’s vintage guitar, and the importance of staying true to your music.  Songs performed are “Can’t Take it With You” and “I Want You to Stay”. 

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The Kat Kings

June 2016

Our June guest is Canadian Rockabilly Blues band The Kat Kings.  We interview band leader Kevin McQuade who discusses writing some of the songs for this album at the hospital bedside of his daughter, the story behind the band name, and showcases his custom guitars.  Songs performed from the new album are “When I Say Jump” and “It Came from the Swamp”.

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Cheryl Lescom & The Tucson Choir Boys

May 2016

Our May guest is Canadian Blues living legend Cheryl Lescom & The Tucson Choir Boys.  Cheryl discusses her struggles being a Blues artist, the unique way that women approach songwriting, and how the songwriting process happened for their new album “1953”.  Songs performed from the new album are “Dime Store Lover” and “It’s Not You, It’s Me”.  

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The John McKinley Band

April 2016

This month our guest is The John McKinley Band from Kitchener, Ontario.  In this episode John explains the life-long journey to his first album (Window on the World), his early musical influences, and shows off his Gibson guitar.  Songs performed are "Welfare Mamma” and "Life’s a Bitch".


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andre Bisson

March 2016

This month our guest is Andre Bisson.  You will hear rocking Blues infused with a Motown vibe.  In the interview Andre talks about his musical influences and what drives his unique sound.  Songs performed are "Borrowed Time" and "Daybreak".

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Erin McCallum

February 2016

Erin McCallum is a Blues artist known for her big voice and award-winning songwriting abilities.  In this episode she discusses how much she treasures her fans, songwriting, and the unique place women hold in the Blues scene.  Erin performs a powerful and intimate acoustic set which includes the songs “Trouble” and “Rolling with the Punches”.

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Alfie Smith

January 2016

This month our guest is Alfie Smith from Hamilton, Ontario. In the interview Alfie talks about how he was introduced to the Blues, his views on writing a good song, and shows us his National guitar. Alfie plays an intimate set which includes "How Can I Find My Way Home" and "Same Old Lonely Song".


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Wild T & The Spirit

December 2015


Electric guitar sensation Toney Springer and his band Wild T & The Spirit join us this month where Toney does a show and tell on his guitars, discusses their new live album, and gets a little crazy performing two great songs.  During the recording of this show they overloaded the microphones and even blew the power circuits in the building.  You should not be surprised.  Songs performed are “Mean Mean Mama” and “Every-Thang”.

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David OweN

November 2015

This month we interview David Owen who talks about the making of his new album "Livin' Life", attending Camp Copperhead, and the stories behind some of the songs on the album. Songs performed are "Betty Mae" and "Ain't Gonna Take It". Enjoy and please SUBSCRIBE to our channel!


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Sugar Brown

October 2015

On the heels of the release of his new album "Poor Lazarus", we speak to Sugar Brown about the making of this album and his views on blues music today. Songs Performed: "Meet Me In The Country" "Get Behind the Mule"


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